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The Marine data hub is an online community initiative to  provide a ‘field-guide’ to high-value data products that can be used to drive, constrain, and evaluate global ocean models and their associated fisheries/ecosystem components.


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The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project version 2 (GLODAPv2)

figureFor the Global Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAP) extensive quality control and subsequent calibration were carried out for salinity, oxygen, nutrient, carbon dioxide, total alkalinity, pH and chlorofluorocarbon data. Data from approximately one million individual seawater samples were collected from almost 800 cruises carried during the years 1972-2013. The data were used to produce global climatology maps for many of the parameters.

Jellyfish Database Initiative (JeDI)

figureThe Jellyfish Database Initiative (JeDI) is a scientifically-coordinated global database dedicated to gelatinous zooplankton (members of the Cnidaria, Ctenophora and Thaliacea) and associated environmental data. The open-access database was designed for all researchers, media, and public to use as a current and future research tool. The database holds 476,000 quantitative, categorical, presence-absence and presence only records of gelatinous zooplankton spanning the past four centuries (1790-2011) assembled from a variety of published and unpublished sources. Gelatinous zooplankton data are reported to species level, where identified, but taxonomic information on phylum, family and order are reported for all records.

World Ocean Atlas 2013 (WOA13)

figureWorld Ocean Atlas 2013 version 2 (WOA13 V2) is a set of objectively analyzed (1° grid) climatological fields of in situ temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, Apparent Oxygen Utilization (AOU), percent oxygen saturation, phosphate, silicate, and nitrate at standard depth levels for annual, seasonal, and monthly compositing periods for the World Ocean.

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